C4 DP Skip Armstrong featured for ‘Of Souls & Water’

Our mantra, ‘the Whole is greater than the Sum of it’s parts’ may ring true, but the Sum must consist of some of the raddest, most visionary folks in the business in order to make the Whole worth existing.

SKIP_ARMSTRONG copyToday’s post is a tribute to one of those ‘Sums’, Skip Armstrong. This artistic wonderkind, originally of Forge Motion Pictures, plays an integral role at Camp4 as our main account manager, shooter and editor for client, NRS, as well as Director of Photography for some of our other projects.

If there’s a pretty detail…say…a bumble bee on a flower, in perfect light, with some majestic terrain in the background…chances are good it was Skip.

Anywho – he did an interview last year at the BANFF Film Festival with the Charlotte Observer about his award-winning series ‘Of Souls & Water’ entitled “A Storyteller Amid Thrillseekers”. Some good stuff in here. Give it a read if you have the chance. You can CHECK IT OUT HERE.

boomer_tim_kemple copy

Skip – we love you and we’re so lucky we get to work with you. Keep rockin, dude.

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