Our good friend, partner in crime, and badass artist, @jercollins_com is releasing a book and short animated/multi media film about adventure. You know the fun stuff; chasing dreams and living life to its fullest. Hop on 'Kickstarter' and search 'Drawn' to check out the project. If you love it as much as we do, support it!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye -- We've updated our reel. Fresh viddles of goodness from new and old productions around the world (mostly new!). CHECK OUT THE LINK IN OUR PROFILE!

Mount Everest Basecamp. Camp4 Director @renanozturk and #sherpafilm team are getting charged, geared, and rested up before the next stages of climbing the mountain. Be safe amigos. #camp4pix #epic #stars

Film 101 - Do what you have to do, to get the shot (just don't kill anyone)! Stay tuned for some more in depth, and sage advice from C4 Director @ansonfogel

Our good friends, and makers of the sickest still cameras on the planet, PhaseOne, have joined Instagram. Give them a follow @phaseoneww! Photo by C4 Director @timkemple on a project for PhaseOne back in December.

An amazing #camp4pix shot by @katcarney. Proof that amazing night skies don't require plane tickets to the far off reaches of the world (she shot this just outside San Diego).

Most things you read in books or on the internet are better experienced in person. Push the 'Go' button. #camp4pix

This is what it feels like to roll out of bed, unzip the tent and have the entire place to yourself! @kbish80 celebrating the perks of another @camp4collective shoot. #camp4pix

Throw back to the 'good old days' -- you know when the crags were quite, @climbingmagazine had more than 100 pages, and c4 director @timkemple thought he was a badass because he shot slide film. #camp4pix

While it's obvious that we are lovers of adventure that's only half of our story. The other side, is a true passion for the craft of film making. This week c4 director @ansonfogel is in the middle of nowhere 'spending stupid money, making a personal film no one will ever see'....and we couldn't be more jealous.

Time to put on the big boy shoes... @renan_ozturk is on his way. #everest #sherpafilm #camp4pix

4 sides of the uber talented, super beautiful @sierraquitiquit while out on production this past week. [c4 director @ansonfogel photo] #camp4pix

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